Saturday, October 30, 2010

rhythm.connection presents EXCLUSIVE: A look Into the world of a trainee

Hey guys, what's up? So here is that exclusive I've been talking about for the last few weeks now - my chance to look into the world of the Korean entertainment industry through the eyes of a trainee of a major agency. Due to conditions of anonymity, I am not allowed to name the trainee or the company he's with, but rest assured this interview is 100% legit. Through this interview, I hope to give you future trainee hopefuls a better look into the world of trainees just so you know what to expect on a realistic basis. So enjoy!

How long have you been a trainee for?

Since March of 2007, so about 3 and a half years. But for me, up until May 2009, I only trained over winter and summer break so that I could attend university for 2 years. Starting last year, I took a break from school and have been in Korea full time.

What was your first reaction when you found out you had been accepted as a trainee?

Like anyone would imagine, at first I was surprised, excited, every good emotion you can think of.

Had you applied to other agencies at the time you were accepted?

Nope. One time just for this agency, and bang - I got picked.

What influenced your decision to become a trainee, and how did your family feel about it?

I've always wanted to become an artist ever since I was young, but to go audition for this particular agency was due to the influence of a friend who told me I'd probably make it if I went. My family was against it like most others would be, but as they found out that it was a artist I wanted to become and not a celebrity, they started to seeing the depth in music and supported me.

Please briefly tell me about your training/exercise regime and what you have to do to stay in shape.

For me, this question doesn't apply, haha. I have what doctors call a fast metabolism, so I just eat and do whatever. But an average day includes at least 4-6 hours of dancing, so I guess that helps. Other then that though, I like to workout in the morning and night.

What kind of nutrition requirements are in place for you based on your physical training and what not?

Nothing. But I've seen others eat a lot of chicken breast, sweet potato, salad, stuff like that.

How many hours of vocal and/or dance training do you do per day?

Depends on the trainee but for me it was probably 4-6 hours of dance and around 3-5 hours of singing.

Do you get any time to attend to other things? (ex: contact friends/family, go out)

Yes and no. Sometimes we'll get a day of the weekend off. On those free days I can do what I want.

What's been one positive thing about your experience so far?

Connection. No matter what, I'm going to become an artist and being a trainee has helped me meet other artists and producers, etc.

Is there anything that maybe surprised you when you first got to Korea to train?

What the public sees and what really goes on is different.

Was there anything that met or failed your expectations as far as the training process?

Nope. I must admit that although the training process is tough, it's flawless. If you've got the potential, you'll make it.

To conclude, what is one thing you'd like to tell potential trainee applicants to keep in mind when thinking about applying and the actual training?

Don't try to become a trainee if you're just wanting to become a celebrity/public figure. Have a goal that you want to accomplish and if that goal requires you to become a trainee then go for it. I've seen too many "fans" wanting to become a trainee and they can't stand how hard the life of a trainee is. If you don't have the desire to succeed in this line of work then don't even try.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Hope this helped. And please, support hip hop music! Some of Korea's most talented artists are hip hop artists, not boy bands. Of course support the boy bands too, but hip hop artists need more love here!

So what did you guys think? Albeit it was a short chat, but hopefully this gives you more of an idea of how things work once you get accepted to a major entertainment agency in Korea. Thank you very much to the trainee himself for this interview, and thanks for reading once again, until next time, saiyounara!~