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rhythm.connection presents A MOMENT WITH YouTube MUSICIANS - EVELYN LEUNG

Hey guys, my last post for tonight, with another Brand New Star contestant, Evelyn Leung!

Evelyn Leung (born December 20, 1992 in Hong Kong) is a HK-based YouTube singer. Also a contestant in the recent Hummingbird Music Brand New Star contest, her fanbase has grown much bigger and her vocal talents keep getting better! Keeping busy as always, Eve stopped by to answer some quick questions!

How long have you been doing music for? Are you doing it professionally or independently?
I've been singing at a very young age, but I wasn't as passionate for it as I am now. I guess you can say I'm doing it independently at this moment, but I would love to do it professionally, since the equipments I have are still quite limited.

What style of music do you generally perform?
Most of the videos I've put up on youtube is only me singing along to instrumentals, but lately I've been playing my guitar more and I think my viewers will be seeing a lot of the acoustic side of me. But generally I enjoy all styles of music because I think every genre has something special and great about it.

How did you first get involved in music?
I was first involved in music when I was joining a children's choir in HK. It made me realize how awesome it can be to perform in front of people and how much I enjoy doing it. Then as time goes by I just eventually found the type of music that I like to sing to.

What made you decide to starting YouTubing your musical talent?
It was kind of awkward in the beginning, cause I've never sung in front of the camera before. But then when I know about YouTube I was fairly excited about it because I wanted to share what I have with other people around the entire world. Honestly, when I look back to a few years ago I think I sounded quite bad, but the more I keep recording and getting comments from youtubers- no matter if it's good or bad, I've learned so much and gained more confidence every single time. And I'm not gonna stop making YouTube vids :)

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest musical influences are Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. I would say Taylor Swift comes first, because she inspired me to write my own songs, and just be who I am. Avril is one of my biggest influence as well because she was the first English artist I've ever listened to, and she made me want to discover more and more singers out there and fall in love with music. :)

How does it feel to be getting all this support from people for doing what you do?
It makes me feel so blessed inside and happy. It really is an AMAZING feeling to have people support you and agree that what you're doing is something you should never stop doing, and it reassures me that I'm never gonna stop singing no matter what.

Is there ANY musician that you would like to do a collaboration with in the future?
Yes there is, in fact there is a million of them I would like to collaborate with :) I'm a small girl with a BIG dream after all haha. I will collaborate with anyone, really. No matter if they're famous or not, as long as they love music I'm in.

You took part in the recent 'Brand New Star' contest run by Hummingbird Music in HK, how was that experience?
IT WAS AMAZING. I was so excited to meet the directors of Hummingbird and the HK artist GEM and to talk to them just totally made my day. It was even better because I met all the other HK You Tubers that day and we're all good friends now! We even jammed so it was just awesome :), it's a day I'll never forget.

What has been your most popular cover on YouTube? Your most popular original song on YouTube?
My most popular cover was Love Story by Taylor Swift. I recorded that right before I went to bed, and i never expected that to get a lot of views, so it was really great. I was super happy when someone told me they found that video in the Grammy's We're All Fans Taylor Swift category, cause I'm a HUGE taylor swift fan! I haven't posted any original songs out yet, but hopefully it will be out in a few weeks :)

I imagine you have a lot of music tastes; what do you normally play on your iPod and/or when you’re at home?
Yeah, I'm a music addict :D! I listen to everything really, so normally I just play something that suits my mood of the day. Lately I've been listening to lots of Gaga songs though, am I having gaga fever?...

Where’s the one place where you can go and get your creative flow going in order to write/create music?
I would say, somewhere quiet and peaceful. Sometimes it just comes when I'm riding on a bus or in the shower, but it gets forgotten easily so I always keep a pen and paper nearby.

Who is your closest musician friend, and how did you two meet?
My closest musician friends will have to be the contestants of Brand New Star Final! They're all amazing people and I'm so glad I met them all. We'll be collaborating soon :)

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not playing music?
When I'm not playing music, I go on facebook a lot haha xD. I read, watch movies, go shopping, YouTube, and do homework, just things that a normal 17-year-old would do :)

What do you hope to accomplish while being involved in music?
I hope to have my songs published and become a singer-songwriter someday. It's a big dream but at least you'll have to dream about it before it happens right? :)

Do you have any final words for the readers?
If you've read this far, thank you so much because you're awesome! And thank you Jorge for having me in this interview. :)
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Thank you to Eve for the interview, and thanks for reading once again! :)


Evelyn Leung

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