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rhythm.connection presents A MOMENT WITH YouTube MUSICIANS - ALEXA YOSHIMOTO

Hey guys, check it, my interview with Alexa Yoshimoto!

Alexa Yoshimoto (born October 29, 1991 in Diamond Bar, CA) is a Cali-based YouTube musician. Also being a dancer and sister to moviemaker/singer Scott Yoshimoto, Alexa is also a athlete and student at CSU Fullerton. Check out what she has to say here!

How long have you been doing music for? Are you doing it professionally or independently?
I've been doing music on YouTube for only a year, as of last January. But I've been singing since middle school and I am do it independently.

What style of music do you generally perform?
Generally i like to perform current pop or R&B songs but I'd love to sing more big band, jazz and oldies songs but i'm not sure if the public relates as well to that genre of music.

How did you first get involved in music?
I've been around music my entire life. My dad is in a band and is the drummer and lead singer. Also, my brother began to sing at an early age, but it wasn't till middle school when i actually began to sing.

What made you decide to starting YouTubing your musical talent?
I had a really late start with youtube but i knew my brother started posting up videos years before me. then when he got the chance to make a music video for AJ Rafael, AJ and all his other friends like Randolph Permejo and Cathy Nguyen and Andrew Garcia, whom i met all around the same time, inspired me so much because they were so musically talented and I knew they supported me and my singing.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
A few of my biggest musical influences would have to be Michael Buble, India Aire, David Ryan Harris, Ernie Halter, Keri Hilson and especially all of my YT friends (Aj, Andrew, Cathy, Randolph, Jenny Suk, Joseph Vincent and much more)

How does it feel to be getting all this support from people for doing what you do?
Ive gotten so much support especially in the past few months and it really keeps me driven in wanting to sing and perform. And it just feels so good that people like what i love to do.

Is there ANY musician that you would like to do a collaboration with in the future?
My dream would be to collaborate with Michael Buble! But unfortunately its only a dream.

Since you're the younger sister of Scott Yoshimoto, is there ever times where you two compete when it comes to music? And have you guys ever looked to each other for inspiration for music?
Scott and I always seem to have a different take on music, he's always into video taping and perfecting his music in recording where on the other hand, I love to perform on stage and connect with the audience more. So we don't really compete against each other in music and we don't really look for each other for inspiration but we support each other and its always fun doing a show when he's there.

What has been your most popular cover on YouTube? Your most popular original song on YouTube?
My most popular cover on Youtube would have to be "Fallin for You" by Colbie Caillat. And unfortunately i only have one of my original songs on Youtube although i have written more, but that one is called "Need you in my Life".

I imagine you have a lot of music tastes; what do you normally play on your iPod and/or when you’re at home?
I would have to say i listen mostly to anything by Michael Buble and slower more mellow music to relax.

Where’s the one place where you can go and get your creative flow going in order to write/create music?
There's really not one place i go to for inspiration, when I write music it really just has to come to me. i can be in the most random place or even sitting in class and Ill think of a few lines, and once a get an idea, my ideas just flow.

Who is your closest musician friend, and how did you two meet?
One of my closest musician friends would have to be Joseph Vincent. We met last year at FAP and we've been friends ever since.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not playing music?
In my spare time, I dance on a Hip Hop Team thats called IP, its a part of Cal State fullerton.

What do you hope to accomplish while being involved in music?
I hope to accomplish more of a fan base to further spread my music, perform at as many shows as i can and hopefully come up with more original songs as well.

Do you have any final words for the readers?
A few final words, if you feel like you can't learn to sing or play an instrument, you can, I, Myself learned everything at a older age so just keep trying! Also, all you really need are your friends to support and inspire you, and if you have something special, keep at it and and don't give up.

thank you so much!
-Alexa Yoshimoto

Thanks to Alexa for the interview, and thank you for reading! :)


Alexa Yoshimoto

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