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rhythm.connection presents A MOMENT WITH YouTube MUSICIANS - ROBYNN YIP

Hey guys, yeah tonight there's a lot of these but it's all good, check out Robynn Yip! :)

Robynn Yip (born in Hong Kong, raised in the US) is a YouTube singer-songwriter from Hong Kong. Well known as one of the many actresses to grace the videos of Wong Fu Productions, and having just won the Hummingbird Music Brand New Star contest, hosted by Gem Tang's label, Robynn has proven herself to be a multi-talented artist. A grad of Northwestern, Robynn keeps busy these days working on her music and what not. Check it out!

How long have you been doing music for? Are you doing it professionally or independently?
All my life!! It's been with my schooling, and independently I do lots as you can probably see on my youtube channel =), but I'm so excited to start doing it professionally with Hummingbird Music!!

What style of music do you generally perform?
I don't like slapping a label onto myself saying that I'm a certain style of a singer, I think I have yet to really develop into an artist with a specific style, and there's so much room for me to learn and grow. I'd leave it open for now, but I guess I'm more acoustic pop than anything else so far, though some say that my sound is sometimes quite jazzy.

How did you first get involved in music?
Tough question! Music has always been in my life, here and there in different ways. I started informal piano lessons at the age of 3, and apparently my parents' favorite story to tell was when I claimed to be composing at the age of 4. I'd scribble random numbers on paper apparently, and claim that it's a melody floating in my head. I guess I was also a huge choir girl all throughout my school years, too!

What made you decide to starting YouTubing your musical talent?
Graduating from college was a rude awakening. I used to take the existence of music in my life for granted! There was my acappella group, I was singing in a band, I took voice classes at the music school... and then snap it was all gone once I graduated. Welcome to the working world. I realized I missed singing a lot, and that I can't live without music. So here I am, on Youtube. =)

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Way too many! I'd say..... Disney from the start. With all its fun and happy songs that I used to know all the lyrics to. Utada Hikaru. Japanese singer songwriter that got her smash hit when she was 16. Or something crazy like that. Her song was also my first video on Youtube ever!

How does it feel to be getting all this support from people for doing what you do?
It feels surreal and amazing. I never thought that my music could move so many people and actually gain me some fans. I'm more than grateful. It actually really helps because I used to be shy and unsure of myself, and I've gotta say I was kind of a perfectionist so I wouldn't do anything or show people anything if I thought there was something wrong with it, which was most of the time. That took me a while to get over. Supporters make me realize, that I don't have to be perfect, because nobody's perfect. They've grown to like me because I'm real. In my singing, in my songs, in my lyrics. Song writing is like writing my life journal. =)

Is there ANY musician that you would like to do a collaboration with in the future?
Taiwanese singer 盧廣仲 Lu Guang Zhong. He brightens up my day every single time I listen to him and I think he's AMAZING. Also would love to collab with my fellow Brand New Star 2010 contestants! We've all grown to become friends so quickly it's amazing, and I think I actually will get to collab with them some time soon!

You just won the recent 'Brand New Star' contest run by Hummingbird Music in HK, how was that experience? And what was your reaction when you found out that you had won?
It was a dream come true! Really, I couldn't ask for more. I think it's the PERFECT opportunity for me, hands down, and I was SO excited! Still am, actually. I'd jump up and down right now. It's an amazing experience, meeting the team, and actually having them recognize me as one of them. There's still SO much more room for me to grow and be up to par with the people in HK's music industry though, so I won't get too excited, I still gotta work hard!!

What has been your most popular cover on YouTube? Your most popular original song on YouTube?
Most popular cover was probably a chinese cover, "現實不重要", which is a song written by a contestant on a HK Idol show. He won the competition, and I guess because I was one of the few that covered it people saw. Most popular original song I think would either be "Someday", or "回憶當初" "Hui Yi Dang Chu".

I imagine you have a lot of music tastes; what do you normally play on your iPod and/or when you’re at home?
haha wow. Very tough. It depends on my mood really. Lady gaga, Black Eyed Peas, 盧廣仲 (Lu Guang Zhong), 方大同 (Khalil Fong), 王若琳 (Joanna Wang), 陶喆 (David Tao), Jennifer Chung, Marie Digby, David Choi, Kina Grannis, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Colbie Caillat, Lilly Allen, Lenka, Leona Lewis, list goes on!

Where’s the one place where you can go and get your creative flow going in order to write/create music?
There's no one place. I wish I could find it cuz life would be so much easier! I keep a notebook with me, and whenever I have thoughts or ideas I write them down and see if something can develop from there when I'm at home. But I was on a trip recently, and I wrote something on the beach. We shall see how that's gonna turn out!

Who is your closest musician friend, and how did you two meet?
I've gotta say.... I consider so many people close musician friends... Christine Liu, a girl that inspired me most with acappella music, was the founder of my acappella group in college and proofread my first vocal arrangement. Daniel Lo, met him through friends and he's an amazing Jazz/Bossa Nova musician who plays the keyboard and the drums. Terrence Kwok, a keyboardist who I met through friends as well. Both Daniel and Terrence have played for me for gigs and performances. They really know and appreciate my music, and I love the way they execute things and add ideas to my head. Young Jeong, a college friend who's also a singer songwriter himself! He's played guitar for me at a show too. I'd have to say I'm very blessed to have met all these talented people in my life that made my music better.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not playing music?
Aside from my job and my music, I sleep (a lot!), I go to the gym, I kickbox, I like walking around book stores & furniture stores, I volunteer at a special needs children organization.

What do you hope to accomplish while being involved in music?
I want to be able to express myself with my music, I want to be able to share joy, share emotions, share excitement, and share love with people. I want to be able to touch people's hearts and inspire, in my own little way. I guess it's a process of discovering and exploring who I am, who I am not, but in the end of the day, I wanna be able to share that with others.

Do you have any final words for the readers?
Final words: I hope these words are not the final words you'll ever read about me! =D Jk,
I guess I'd say this: When in doubt, just be yourself and be real! You'd be amazed by how much people appreciate that.

Thanks to Robynn for the interview! Keep tuning in for more awesome interviews!


Robynn Yip

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